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1st FLOAWER event

On March 3 and 4, Centrale Nantes hosted the first FLOAWER event. Gathering around 40 people, it was the perfect opportunity to meet all the different partners of the project.

on March 9, 2020

The goal of this 2-day event was, first to launch the governing boards and committees of the project and, second, to interview the ESR candidates.

On Tuesday 3rd, we welcomed the representatives of the beneficiaries and partner organisations with a public meeting. It was the perfect moment to update the participants about the current status of the project, but also to let the partners present themselves to the consortium. During the afternoon, the different Boards and Committees took place. At the same time some representative had the chance to visit 2 majors research facilities of Central Nantes, the wind tunnel and the ocean test facilities.
We ended the day with a short visit of Nantes, followed by a dinner on the Loire river.

The 4th was dedicated to the interviews of the candidates. Applying to the 13 ESR (Early-Stage Positions) offered positions, 24 motivated candidates were interview by the supervisors. 12 of them came in person to Nantes, 12 took the interview through video-conference. It was a technological and organizational challenge for the managing team, the supervisors and the candidates alike, but without major issues, this day can be called a success.

It was a pleasure for Centrale Nantes, and most particulary the managing team of the project (Sandrine Aubrun, General Coordinator and Florent Jubé, Project Manager) to host this first FLOAWER event. It is a promosing start for the project, motivating and inspiring us for the 3 years ahead.
Published on March 9, 2020 Updated on May 13, 2020