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1st training video of the project !

In September 2021, the 13 ESRs of the project met each other for the first time in the context of the 3rd training week of the project. Join this intense floating wind experience by watching this short video !

on September 1, 2022

In this 2min30 video you will be able to follow along the team of ESRs during their first physical training, organised by Centrale Nantes. From the practical experimentation in ECN wave tank and wind tunnel, to the visit of the SEM-REV sea test site and finishing with the sea survival training in Lorient, they benefited from a tailor-made and diverse training program.

With the participation of (by order of appearance):
  • Florent Jubé (project manager)
  • Victor Benifla (ESR8)
  • Mariana Montenegro Montero (ESR9)
  • Wessel van der Dejil (ESR11)

Published on June 23, 2022 Updated on September 28, 2022