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Arrival of Daniel Hatfield, ESR3 at DTU

Daniel Hatfield is the first ESR who started his PhD work within our project. Since the beginning of April he's dedicating his time and work around "Offshore wind resource at deep sea applying satellite data and numerical modelling" in DTU, Denmark.

on April 1, 2020

Daniel is a young canadian (Nova Scotia) researcher who specialised in Physics through his Bachelor's degree at Mount Allison University. He then graduated his Master's degree in Astrophysics at the University of Western Ontario in 2018. 
After his studies, he took some time to travel, staying in Australia for 9 months.

Passionned about outdoor sports (Hiking, Canoeing, Skiing), he love spending his time practicing hockey. 

When asked about his motivation, Daniel Hatfield declared:

With an increasing demand for greener energy worldwide; wind energy, especially in Denmark, has seen rise in the last few decades. However, due limited space on land alongside the difficulties of setting up wind turbines on complex terrain sites, off-shore locations are the next logical step. The FLOAWER project is taking this concept of offshore wind farms into the deep water regime which brings on new challenges.

As a highly motivated and competitive individual, this emerging field of work is the perfect environment for me. The FLOAWER program will offer tools and summer schools that other PhD projects would not have the advantage to have. Even though a PhD project has a very narrow scope, the FLOAWER project keeps the student involved in the whole process. My project will focus on the remote sensing aspects of an offshore wind farm using LiDAR and SAR instruments, both of which are closely related to my Master’s work.

I am looking forward to the experience and advantages the FLOAWER program has to offer for the next 3 years.

Published on June 3, 2020 Updated on June 19, 2020