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Arrival of Eva Melina Schmitt, ESR7 at NTNU

ESR at NTNU, Norway for the next 3 years, Eva started her work early August. She will focus on "Advanced design and optimized cost of mooring systems".

on August 10, 2020

Eva is a 25-year-old German, born in Cologne, who studied energy and building engineering with a focus on CFD and thermal simulation during her Bachelor's and Master's degrees. She started developing great interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency during her studies, simulating and optimizing.

Generally always happy when learning new things, she enjoy having strategy and communication themed game nights during her spare time. She's also keen on playing the sport Jugger, sport inspired by the 1989 movie The Blood of Heroes.

When asked about her motivation to be part of FLOAWER she declared:

Floating offshore wind turbines offer one of the most promising and exciting ways of generating renewable energy: Apart from not taking up land space, offshore wind turbines profit from the constant and strong wind speeds of the marine environment and cause less disturbance to nearby human and animal populations. And the property of floating facilitates the potential of easier mass-production and employment in deeper waters – in comparison to bottom-fixed structures.
But floating offshore wind is still an emerging industry that needs to be explored more deeply for commercial employment, which is why I’m thrilled to be a part of the FLOAWER team. In my position of ESR7, I will be advancing the design of the mooring systems of floating offshore wind turbines. Which is a crucial point, as, inter alia, the development status of the mooring systems may determine the maximum possible water depths and thus employment range for floating offshore wind turbines.

I am confident that the FLOAWER network will greatly benefit from my drive, background in simulation and energy engineering, as well as from my team-mindedness and passion for learning and optimizing. In turn, I am very much looking forward to the interesting research programmes, wide range of training and connections to the industry and academia that the FLOAWER project makes possible for its ESRs.
I’m looking forward towards working together with everybody on FLOAWER-team and its industrial and academic partners.
Published on September 1, 2020 Updated on September 1, 2020