Arrival of Kutay Yimazlar, ESR12 at POLIMI

ESR at POLIMI, Italy for the next 3 years, Kutay started his work mid-September. He will focus on "Integrated design and LCOE minimization of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines".

on September 16, 2020

Kutay, from Turkey was born in Bursa. He moved to Istanbul for his high school education. Finishing that, he travelled to Munich to study B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in TU Munich, which he extended with M.Sc. in Energy and Process Engineering at the same university. In his free time he likes to travel and see new places. Additionally he's keen on watching sports, football in particular, as well as practising them when he finds the opportunity; mostly football and ski every now and then.

Already from the beginning of my studies, I always wanted to be involved in renewable energy technologies in order to contribute to a world that is powered with clean energy. To that end, I gathered valuable experiences in solar energy and even more in the wind energy field throughout my time in Germany. As a wind energy science enthusiast, a PhD position in FLOAWER project was a unique opportunity for me to embark on an academic career, which I accepted without hesitation. Not only because the project offers a wide range of self-development tools for the ESRs, but also the international working environment played an important role on my decision.

Floating wind energy is one of the most innovative and challenging ideas that might help Europe to achieve its renewable energy goals, simply because most of the offshore wind energy potential lies in deep waters where fixed-bottom wind turbines become unfeasible. However, this concept still requires further investigation to reduce the costs, thus make this design alternative more competitive in the energy market. My research within FLOAWER will address this issue by proposing an integrated design optimization procedure of a floating wind turbine with the aim of minimizing the levelized cost of energy. As the research topic implies itself, I will be benefiting continuously from the findings of my colleagues during the course of the project. Therefore, I am looking forward to collaborating with everyone in the network and carrying out a successful project together.

Published on September 29, 2020 Updated on September 23, 2020