Arrival of Seung-yoon Han, ESR5 at Centrale Nantes

ESR at ECN, France for the next 3 years, Seung-yoon started his work in December. He will focus on "Hydrodynamic analysis and numerical modelling of heave-plates dedicated to the design of floating wind turbines".

on December 15, 2020

Seung-yoon was born and grew up in Busan, a port city in South Korea. He studied Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Pusan National University with a focus on the wave/structure interaction especially potential flow. After these studies, he joined a ship & offshore building company, Hyundai Heavy Industries and specialized in the ship hydrodynamic analysis. In his free time, he enjoys exercising outdoors, and love to play tennis the most. His goal is to learn the perfect one-handed backhand of Roger Federer.

When asked about his motivations, Seung-yoon declared:

Renewable energy, especially the wind generated power, is now emerged at the front runner for climate change. Floating wind foundations present high potential opportunities for the wind powered system and are now preparing to move further, deeper, and more severe environment for the strong resources. For this shift, the Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) has several technical and non-technical issues, and they still remain great challenges and opportunities which is the strong motivation for me. As an Early Stage Researcher in the FLOAWER project, I will be focusing on the hydrodynamic analysis and numerical modelling of heave plates. This research is expected to play an important role in the design and life of the floater in the future.  I am confident that the FLOAWER project is the best place to explore a wide range of research, education, and experience about the FOWT. Furtherer more, with the strong network from the different aspect of technologies, it will be able to strengthen the background and make the better understanding. I am looking forward to sit physically at the same table with all FLOAWER's ESRs in the future.

Published on March 8, 2021 Updated on March 24, 2023