Arrival of Thomas Messmer, ESR10 at University of Oldenburg

Thomas, ESR at University of Oldenburg, embarked in the FLOAWER project mid-October. He's dedicating his time and work around "Dynamics and interaction of floating turbines" for the next 36 months.

on October 16, 2020

Thomas is a 24 year-old Frenchman who studied Fluid Mechanics and Renewable Energy Engineering in France and in the UK. After his graduation in 2019, he worked in the offshore wind industry for a year. He decided to join the ESR10 in Oldenburg to work on the experimental investigation of the dynamics and interactions of floating wind turbines. On his free-time, Thomas likes to go running, hiking or to play and watch tennis. He is a true fan of the music band "Daft Punk". He has traveled in several countries and is a very open minded person.

When asked about his motivations, Thomas declared:

I discovered the subject of floating offshore wind turbine during my MSc study at Cranfield University (UK) and was fascinated from the very beginning. I am fully convinced of the importance of the development of wind energy technologies and I strongly believe that floating wind is a reliable and effective solution to tackle climate change issues. The need to better understand and develop floating wind technologies through research has never been more important. I am very thankful to the FLOAWER consortium and to ForWind research center for giving me the opportunity to realise a 3-year research project about the dynamics and interactions of floating wind turbines. As part of the ESR10 at the University of Oldenburg, I will investigate through experiments the impact of the complex movements of a floating turbine on the wake generated by the rotor and on the performance of the turbine itself, and on the surrounding turbines. During the coming years, I wish to better understand the complex dynamics of floating wind turbines and I hope to get interesting results about the wake generated by a FOWT. I do think this research study might be useful to further develop control strategies, wind turbine design and to optimise floating wind farm layout. I am very delighted to be part of the European FLOAWER consortium which is a powerful network that benefits from the skills of both academia and industry.

Published on November 24, 2020 Updated on November 24, 2020