Arrival of Xiaoming Ran, ESR4 at NTNU

Xiaoming, second ESR of NTNU, embarked in the FLOAWER project in September. He's dedicating his time and work around "High-fidelity determination of wave load and load effects for floating WT hulls subjected to severe wave conditions" for the next 36 months.

on September 1, 2020

Xiaoming was born and grew up in China. He obtained his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at Dalian University of Technology. And he Specialized in hydrodynamics and structural mechanics for floating structures during the past years.

Fond of ball-games (Badminton, Table tennis, Tennis), as well as running, he always enjoys gaining experiences through travel and new things.

Offshore wind energy is a new frontier of renewable energy development, and floating wind turbine technology provides a promising solution to unleash the enormous potential. The FLOAWER project aims to develop better performance, economically viable floating wind turbines, which will be a big step to make the vision a reality and fascinate me to be a part of the FLOAWER team. My research will focus on High-fidelity determination of nonlinear wave load and load effects for FWT hulls to ensure the FWT’s safety.

The FLOAWER program is the perfect program for an ambitious early-stage researcher. I am attracted by the training and connections with industry and academia provided by the program. And all ESRs from multidisciplinary work on this exciting project together, which allow me to get insight into the floating wind turbines from different directions. I am looking forward to working and achieving breakthroughs together with every one of FLOAWER team.

Published on September 23, 2020 Updated on September 23, 2020