Craig White presenting his work in a Lisbon high school

On the 6th of September 2021, Craig White (ESR13) did his first outreach activity towards high school students in Lisbon. Such activities are crucial for Early Stage Researchers in order to get the support of the general public in their really specific field of research.

on November 16, 2021

Craig White, ESR13 from WavEC Offshore Renewables recently visited a school in Lisbon to present the FLOAWER project and to highlight the importance of floating offshore wind technology.

The students in attendance were in their final year of studies before University, and Craig was invited to first judge an energy planning exercise, where students had to offer the best solution for one of six locations around the world. Students were also split into competing fossil fuels and renewable solutions, which certainly led to some interesting case studies, and lively discussions !

Craig offered some advice and knowledge gained through his studies in the FLOAWER project, such as the risk of deploying just one wind turbine to power an entire island, and was overall impressed by the exercise:

I really enjoyed my visit to the school and was impressed by the overall standard and quality of the presentations. The lively debates clearly showed that there is appetite and demand of clean energy solutions such as floating offshore wind. I hope that a good number of them choose a career in renewables, and especially floating offshore wind.

Craig finished his visit with a presentation of the FLOAWER project. An overview of floating offshore wind technology was shown, followed by areas of improvement in technology maturity and Levelized cost of energy reductions. He also highlighted what it’s like to be an ESR, the FLOAWER network itself, and the need for Europe to strengthen its presence in this exciting new technology.

Published on November 16, 2021 Updated on November 16, 2021