ESRs at DeepWind conference

ESRs started the year by participating to the EERA DeepWind Conference 2023, in Trondheim, Norway, from the 18th to the 20th of January 2023. It was followed by the last training of the project organised by NTNU, and focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and communication skills.

on January 30, 2023

To kick-off the last year of the project, ESRs gathered in Trondheim, Norway for a full week to participate to 2 major events.
The first on the list was the EERA DeepWind conference, organised by jointly by SINTEFNTNU and EERA JP wind. This conference gathered 200 researchers and scientist to discuss the best ongoing research and innovation related to deep sea offshore wind farms, both bottom-fixed and floating. This year a emphasis was made on floating wind, among other topics.

The FLOAWER project was well represented with 3 presentations and 6 posters:
  • Telem Avidor (ESR1) presented: Implementation of non-constant advection time into MCP methods to improve correlation between space-distributed meteorological datasets
  • Kutay Yilmazlar (ESR12) presented: Cost modelling for offshore wind farms using dynamic cost functions and engineering wake models
  • Victor Benifla (ESR8) presented: Design Optimization of Floating Wind Turbine Substructures Using Frequency Domain Dynamic Model and Genetic Algorithm
  • Thomas Messmer (ESR10) presented: Overview of the potential of floating wind in Europe based on metocean-data derived from ERA5-dataset, Poster #46 - Best Communication award
  • Mariana Montenegro (ESR9) presented: Aerodynamic response of a vertical axis wind turbine under prescribed floating motions, Poster #105
  • Daniel Hatfield (ESR3) presented: A multi-decadal perspective on atmospheric stability for offshore wind energy, Poster #49
  • Mortiz Gräfe (ESR2) presented: Lidar based virtual load sensors for mooring lines using artificial neural networks, Poster #59
  • Xiaoming Ran (ESR4) presented: Dynamic analysis of a 10 MW TLP floating wind turbine considering substructure flexibility, Poster #192
  • Seung Yoon Han (ESR5) presented: Experimental and numerical study on wave diffraction by a circular cylinder with a heave plate, Poster #142
Thomas Messmer was awarded with the Poster award: Best Communication for his poster. He shared this success with his colleagues Xiaoming Ran and Victor Benifla that collaborated for the poster.

When asked about this experience, he said:
This event provided the chance to engage with key players in the offshore wind industry, particularly in the realm of floating wind in Europe. We heard from a variety of experts, including those in academia, on the latest advancements and future developments in the field.
Alongside my colleagues Xiaoming Ran and Victor Benifla from the FLOAWER project, we wrote a short article on the potential of floating wind energy in Europe. Our poster associated with the article was awarded the Best Communication prize of the conference, which was a great honor. Big thanks to the organisation team for putting together such a great conference.

Published on January 30, 2023 Updated on February 2, 2023