First physical training for our ESR !

Centrale Nantes had the pleasure to organise last week the first major physical training event for our ESR. The perfect occasion to start creating cohesion in the group, while leaning and developing practical skills.

on September 13, 2021

From the 13th to the 17th of September, Centrale Nantes organised the 3rd Training week of the project. This time it had a special feeling to it as it represented the first time ESR could meet all together physically. More than a simple training, this week was the opportunity to create bonds between ESR.

The week was dedicated to "Experimental techniques at lab scale & Sea test site management". CF the schedule of the training below:
The practical aspect of the training was a good addition to the usual research work of the ESR. It helped them to understand better the stakes of prototype testing in both experimental and real environment. On the other side, the sea survival training was the perfect introduction for them to start considerate an operational career in the offshore industry and a wonderful team building activity. To conclude the week a SEM-REV site visit was organised on Friday, where ESR had the chance to finally see operating the FLOATGEN floting wind turbine (1st offshore turbine of France, from IDEOL).

Mariana Montero Montenegro, ESR9 from POLIMI said about the training:
The training week was great. We had the amazing experience of the sea survival training. And, of course, going out to see the real thing was very exciting if a little bit scary for me. Finally, I was really happy to meet all the ESRs in person after almost a year on this journey. We have made great connections and it will make it easier to collaborate on our projects. I’m looking forward to the next training week!

Published on September 22, 2021 Updated on March 18, 2022