WESC 2021 is the first major conference for FLOAWER ESR, as 10 of them will present their current and future work during 4 mini-symposia co-organised with 3 other ITN projects (LIKE, STEP4WIND, TRAIN2WIND).

on May 25, 2021

Thanks to its ESRs and researchers, FLOAWER will be well represented during the Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC) occurring online from the 25th to the 28th of May 2021.

During those 4 days of conference, 10 ESRs, spread out in 4 mini-symposia, will present their work in front of an international audience. It will be a good first experience for some of them as they will disseminate and communicate about their work in FLOAWER.

The organisation of the session is a collaborative work between researchers and ESRs of the 4 offshore wind energy related ITN (LIKE, STEP4WIND, TRAIN2WIND, FLOAWER).

You can find the details of the presentations in the table below. You can also download our public deliverable reporting FLOAWER participation to WESC 2021 here.

Published on May 19, 2021 Updated on July 19, 2021