Kutay Yilmazlar participated to Science is Wonderful outreach event

On the 22nd of November, Kutay, ESR12 at POLIMI, presented his research to pupils from Turkey. This was part of the Science is Wonderful outreach event, organised by the European Commission.

on December 6, 2021

Within the Science is Wonderful event, Kutay had the chance to meet with the primary school pupils, between eight to ten years old, to give them an insight about the professional life in scientific community and what they work on in his research group. Thanks to the collaboration of school teachers, they were able to organize a joint online session to outreach three classes from different cities in Turkey; Konya, Yozgat and Ankara at the same time, which made up a total audience of almost a hundred people.

They started with an interactive talk on a broad topic: why do we need the energy? Then, Kutay presented the different energy sources and talked about the importance of renewable energies and what role they play in the combat against climate change. Consequently, he introduced the FLOAWER project and its main goals together with the main challenges of developing floating wind turbines.

Upon my presentation, I received amazing questions about wind turbine technology from the pupils and I was really impressed about the interest they have shown in the topic and science in general. All in all, it was a fulfilling experience for me to reach to a young audience like this and motivated me even further in my job. I would like to warmly thank all the students and teachers who took part and the European Commission for organizing such a valuable event.

Published on December 6, 2021 Updated on December 8, 2021