New ESRs representatives !

During last ESR Council, the two new ESR representatives were elected. They will represent the 13 ESRs of the project for a period of one year.

on January 4, 2022

FLOAWER ESRs are happy to announce that Victor Benifla (ESR8) & Thomas Messmer (ESR10) will be the new ESR representatives of FLOAWER for the coming year. They took over the position from Mariana Montenegro Montero (ESR9) and Craig White (ESR13). Both previous ESR representatives had the difficult task to lead the way, and did a wonderful job at developing the linkages with the industrial partners of the project.

Victor and Thomas will represent the ESRs of the project, and be the direct link between them and the different partners of the consortium. They act as the main contact point, passing information to their fellow ESRs. They are also involved with the coordination team in the communication and outreach strategy development. They also participate to the Supervisory Board of the project.

Thomas said:
I am looking forward to being involved in the exchange with partners of the project and representing ESRs. I would like to warmly thank Mariana and Craig who represented us for a year and did a very good job. I am very happy to share these tasks with Victor.
Victor said:
It is going to be a challenging task to resume Mariana and Craig's tremendous efforts as they represented us all in the best way and helped us a lot last year. However with the help of my friend Thomas we will try our best to represent our fellow ESRs for the coming year and get involved in the consortium's life.
Published on January 4, 2022 Updated on January 4, 2022