Seung-Yoon presented floating wind in Le Loquidy high school

On 28th of November, Seung-Yoon HAN, ESR 5 at Ecole Centrale Nantes, presented his research at Le Loquidy high school in Nantes. It was a perfect occasion for him to do his first outreach activity, as he could present in English and in Korean.

on January 13, 2023

Seung-Yoon (ESR5), visited a high school in Nantes to participate in the DECLICS (translated by: Dialogues Between Researchers and High School Students to Engage them in the Construction of Knowledge) program, which is a scientific speed meeting with high school students. In this program, 11 researchers from different research fields were invited in the school to talk with students about their research. Seung-Yoon had an opportunity to exchange about his experience and knowledge on floating offshore wind with 7 groups of students every 12 min. He started by presenting himself and discussed about why we need renewable energy and how the wind turbines can float in the ocean. Furthermore, he also attended a class to explain a researcher’s life in France to the students. He shared his life as the researcher, the FLOAWER network, the conference presentations and the trainings he took to become a professional researcher.

In 12-minute speed meeting in DECLICS, I had to deliver a very efficient and well-structured talk to get the student’s attention. The students focused well on the talks and raised some interesting questions about renewable energy and floating wind. In the class, I was really surprised to see the students interested in the life and career of the researcher. Thanks to this outreach opportunity, I was also able to learn how to reach the audience and how to attract them to the world of floating wind!

Published on January 9, 2023 Updated on February 2, 2023