The following schedules, courses, activities and dates are indicative and subject to change.

The publication of the training schedules is not necessarily linked to the opening of the training weeks to external students/participants. The decision to do so is up to the coordinating team and the host institution of such training. The option chosen will be communicated at least a month before the training.



The schedule colours follow this legend:


“Engineering with enough redundancy; avoided engineering, focus on HSE topics, certification ”

Host institution: University of Rostock, Germany
Date: December 2020


“Experimental techniques at lab scale & Sea test site management”

Host institution: Centrale Nantes, France
Date: June 2021


“Aeroelastic, stability analyses and design of wind turbines”

Host institution: Politecnico de Milano, Italy
Date: September 2021


“Environment, Licencing, Marine Spatial Planning and Economics”

Host institution: WavEC, Portugal
Date: February 2022


“Effective research dissemination, Safety Management, Proposal writing and funding opportunities”

Host institution: University of Oldenburg, Germany
Date: September 2022



“Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Scientific Ethics, Career Development Planning, Communication Skills”

Host institution: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Date: January 2023

Published on July 19, 2019 Updated on January 15, 2021